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Dovvnload Free Rapid Meta-Tags, Rapid Meta-Tags 1.3 Dovvnload


This desktop application takes all the effort out of generating meta-tags for your websites. It will analyse the content of each page on your site, and automatically generate title, keyword and description meta-tags. ALL Search Engines Use Meta-TagsMany people believe that the major search engines, like Google, MSN and Yahoo ignore meta-tags, but this is simply not true. Meta-tags contain invaluable information for the search engines about your intentions for the page; what you the author think the page is about. Meta-Tags MUST Reflect The Content Of Your PagesBonus Features Rapid Meta-Tags has three bonus features. These are tools that have very little to do with meta-tags, but use the same technology already developed for Rapid Meta-Tags. They have been included in the Hope that you'll find them useful; certainly the RSS feed creator should be useful to everyone.Strip HTML TagsThis Batch process will strip the HTML tags out of your pages, leaving you with plain text, and save the resulting text to files in the folder you specify. It is designed to allow you to take articles you have written, and then formatted into HTML web pages, and quickly return them to plain text. Extract FrontPage Editable RegionsOne of the problems with Microsoft FrontPage's Dynamic Web Templates system is that once you have applied a template to a page, it is impossible to remove the code without manually deleting it. Now you can quickly and easily strip the formatted content of your articles from these templates as a batch process, stripping an entire site at once. You don't need to change the website in order to do this either; you can save a copy of the stripped content without affecting the original web pages Create or Update an RSS FeedRSS is an XML format designed for news syndication, but it's use is not limited to news sites. Any site that has content in the form of separate articles or products can use RSS to syndicate this content. you can free dovvnload Rapid Meta-Tags 1.3 now.

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